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4 Educational destinations for students to visit in the US

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

1. Washington DC

There is no arguing the educational promise that Washington DC offers schools and school-age children.When planning a trip to Washington DC, teachers could very easily create a meaningful trip for their students that will not only entertain them but also educate them. Students could visit the White House for a little modern-day history, soldier to Georgetown for a lesson in classic history, and meander to the Capitol building for a tour.

Teachers could seamlessly build their trip around historical landmarks they have taught that year or anticipate future lessons. In one, swift trip, your students will wrack up invaluable experiences that will intensify their understanding of their nation’s rich history.

2. Boston

Take your students on a school trip to historic Boston, Massachusetts. Meet your course leader and travel back to colonial times. This educational trip will take you to the locations where history was made and the United States won its independence. Between the combination of Boston History and some outdoor adventure, you can find the perfect fit no matter the season.

3. Philadelphia

Rich in culture and heritage, this city is home to the Declaration of Independence and offers a wealth of history touring options for visiting students.

If you are planning a student trip to Philadelphia, you are in for a treat. Philadelphia is one of the most ideal places to spend a good amount of time in particularly if you are a fan of history. The good thing about the city is the abundance of different historical places to see while walking the streets, browsing through buildings and stepping back to a time when the ideals and principles that make America great were founded.

4. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

For more than 70 years Colonial Williamsburg has provided a premier school field trip destination, offering schools assistance in addressing educational standards and individually tailoring an experience that fits unique classroom needs. Once your students step into the Historic Area they are fully immersed in 18th-century Virginia’s colonial capital city. Our interactive programs and cross-curricular investigations will engage students’ minds. They will see and experience life as the founding families did in the 1700s, and our professional tour guides will make their learning fun!

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